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Welcome to everyBODY dance

The Dome Rig

Designed by Heir of Insanity and acquired by Blue Eyed Soul in 2008 and everyBODY dance in 2012 the rig has proved to be a spectacular and versatile asset.

The rig in various locations in 2014

It is made of aluminium and has three legs and a high circle which support rigging and performers who can work at heights between ground level and 6 meters.

The rig

How To Assemble The Rig - In Seconds!

Video by Iain Piercy.

Watch this timelapse video of the rig being assembled for a performance at Scottish National Opera,
led by rigger John Rhymer.

Dancers on the rig

The rig can be used inside and out and sits on 'feet' that protect the floor and takes 4 people approximately 3 hours to erect and 1 ½ to take down. For more information, dimensions, method statement, availability and hire cost etc please contact us.